Anyang Zhenxin Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2007. It is  located in Qugou,the ferroalloy Industrial zone.

We are a professional manufacturer of nitrided ferroalloys, which supplies ferro  silicon nitride, nitride ferro chrome, nitrided ferro manganese, silicon nitride powder, and nitrided silico manganese. At present, we have 4 production lines with an annual capacity of 9,600 tons.

As raw materials, we have a large stock of ferro chrome, ferro silicon, silico manganese, ferromanganese, etc. Company goal: the cost-effective production  of high quality ferro alloy materials for the steel and iron industry.  

Hot products


Silicon Nitride

Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride is a new kind of high-tech material.

Silicon Manganese

Silicon Manganese

Silico Manganese is also known as silicon manganese alloy.


Ferro Manganese

Ferro Manganese

Ferro manganese is a ferroalloy composed of Ferro and manganese.

Ferro Chrome

Ferro Chrome

Ferro chrome is often used as an important alloy additive in steel smelting and foundry industries.


Calcium Metal

Calcium metal plays a major role in the production of alloys and special steels.


Alloy Cored Wire

The cored wire is also called alloy cored wire.

Factory environment

Factory Environment

Factory Environment

ZXferroalloy is people-oriented. The factory has 617 employees, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of employees, the company has equipped staff restaurant, gymnasium, dormitory and other facilities.

Production Line

Production Line

ZXferroalloy is a leading manufacturer of nitride ferroalloys in China. The company has 4 production lines with a capacity of 4,800 tons. The second phase plant is under construction and the capacity will exceed 10,000 tons after completion.

Material Testing

Material Testing

The laboratory is equipped with professional spectrometer, weight analyzer, and other testing equipment.  ZXferroalloy always give first priority to quality. The chemical composition and the particle size in strict accordance with customer requirement.



Why Choose Us


15+ years supply experience

Ferro alloy supply since 2007



14 sets of production lines

The annual output is more than 170,000MT

4 times of product testing

Strictly control the quality of the product


100+ cooperation companies

The products were exported to Europe, America, Mid-East, etc.


Exporting country

Export business veteran: 15+ years supply experience in the China domestic market; 10+ years experience in the international market. We have rich experience in exporting to foreign countries, such as India, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia etc

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