Calcium Metal lumps



Calcium is a silvery, soft metal that oxidizes easily in air. Its melting point is 842℃, molecular formula is Ca. It is mainly used as a deoxidizing agent for steelmaking, used as an alloying agent for aluminum alloy, and also used as a reducing agent for glass making.

Types of Calcium Metal

  • Calcium Metal Lump
  • Calcium Metal Granules
  • Calcium Metal Cored Wire
  • Calcium Metal Turning

Chemical Composition of Ca Metal (%)

Ca min

Fe max

Ni max

Mn max

Cu max

Mg max







Calcium Metal for Sale

Samples: Free

MOQ: 10 tons

Usage: Steelmaking

Packing: Packing with polybags filled argon gas in the sealed steel drum.

Size:0-3mm, 10-150mm, or as customers’ requirement

Why Choose ZX Calcium Metal?

  • As the manufacturer of calcium metal, ZXferroalloy can supply various types of calcium metal such as calcium wire, calcium rod, calcium granule, calcium lumps, calcium turnings, solid calcium wire.
  • ZXferroalloy supplies high purity of calcium metal. The Ca content is 98.5% above. The product is packed with plastic bag filled argon gas in the sealed steel drum.
  • The ZXferroalloy has more than 15 years of experience in metal calcium production, product content is stable, and particle size can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • We have professional forwarder, can deliver the goods faster and easier.