Ferro chrome (FeCr)  also call ferrochrome alloy,it consists mainly of chromium, iron, carbon, and a few impurities. The chromium content in ferrochromium is generally 50% to 70% .The low carbon ferrochrome is mainly used in the production of low carbon structure steel, while the high carbon ferro chrome is mainly used in tool steel and high speed steel as an alloying agent.

 Ferrochrome is generally used in the steel industry and foundry industry. In the steel industry, it is used to produce stainless steel. In the foundry industry, it is used as an additive to improve the performance of castings.

  Types of Ferro Chrome


Ferrochrome can be divided into high carbon ferrochrome, medium carbon ferrochrome, low carbon ferrochrome, and micro carbon ferrochrome according to its carbon content.

In addition to the difference in carbon content, there are also many shapes of ferrochrome, such as high-carbon ferrochrome powder, high-carbon ferrochrome blocks, etc. Different shapes correspond to different use requirements. We formulate the particle size strictly according to customer needs.

    • High Carbon Ferro Chrome (C: 4-8%)
    • Medium Carbon Ferro Chrome (C: 0.5-4%)
    • Low Carbon Ferro Chrome (C: 0.15-0.5%)
    • Micro-carbon Ferro Chrome (C: 0.03-0.15)


Chemical Composition of ferrochrome(%)



Ferro Chrome for Sale

Samples: Free

MOQ: 25 tons

Usage: Steelmaking

Packing: 1ton/bag, or as customers’ requirement

Size: 10-60mm, or as customers’ requirement


Advantages of ZX Ferrochrome?

  • The price of ferrochrome is competitive: as a manufacturer of ferrochrome, ZXferroalloy supplies the ferrochrome directly from our factory and avoids unnecessary expenses.
  • As the manufacturer of nitrided ferrochrome, ZXferroalloy can supply various types of nitrided ferrochrome. The material can be processed into powder, lump, and cored wire as per customers’ requirements.
  • The ferrochrome produced by ZXferroalloy with high content of chromium, and a low content of impurities such as silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. We test the chemical composition in our factory. We also accept the third-party inspection such as SGS, BV, etc.
  • The ZXferroalloy has 4 production lines of nitride ferroalloy, and the annual output is more than 17,000 tons. The delivery time is within 7-15 days after signing the contract.
  • ZXferroalloy located in Anyang – the key venue of ferroalloy. Convenient transportation, preferential policies, and complete service facilities.  Can provide customers with more competitive prices and perfect after-sales service.